Arpees is a brandnew fashion label, founded as a collaboration between EmDotJulia ( and Gertrud (

Arpees is not a brand which produces interconnected collection pieces, rather designs unique and singular garments. The name itself sprouted from this very fact; ‘Random Pieces’ to ‘RPs’ to ‘Arpees’. Depending on the materials at hand and the inventive spirit of her designers at the time, a one-of-a-kind piece is created every time. That’ s right, all Arpees pieces are completely unique, meaning whichever Arpees garment or accessory you purchase, no copycat will succeed in imitating you. 

For starters, Arpees is designing tops for both men and women. They are as practical and comfortable as you regular tee-shirt, yet they possess an extra element, either of playfulness or of couture. We will be showing our first pieces in Mauerpark (Berlin) this sunday (16th of June). Come have a look and most likely you ll find your personal Arpees shirt.

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